,, domain registration.

InlandHost’s edu domain registration service will help you register a domain for your educational institute. You no longer have to go through tedious process of filing paper documents and other procedures.

Turnkey Domain Registration​

Geo Diverse DNS Servers​

Pre-screening and compliance verification​

Minimum paperwork​

Hassle free process​

Dedicated process consultants​

What is included?

 A dedicated,, domain registration consultant will be assigned to you once the order is confirmed. The domain registration consultant will pre-screen your request and contact you regarding the changes required and the information needed to subit your domain registration proposal.
 Our distributed DNS architecture is built by subject-matter experts after a lot of careful planning and comprises of n+1 servers, spread across data centers in different geographies, ensuring that there is NO single point of failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our turnkey domain registration service for,, costs Rs.3000 for two years.

There are no other hidden or addional charges other than above fees

Absolutely, you can use our managed DNS service to point your domain to any hosting provider in the world.

It usualy takes about 2 to 3 weeks to register the domain after all the paperwork is ready.


An educational institute that is affiliated with university or AICTE. Applicants need to confirm that thier institute is registered Or have applied for registration (Registration paper/Afiliation letter from any university OR AICTE).