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Linux Cloud Servers

InlandHost provides you the latest technology in virtualization that provides a cost effective alternative to dedicated servers.

 Disk Space  10 GB     
 Bandwidth   100 GB     
 RAM  256 MB Rs.2000/Year
 Burst RAM  384 MB (US $50/Year)
 IP Address  1
 Virtualization Platform OpenVZ

 Disk Space  20GB     
 Bandwidth    500 GB     
 RAM  512 MB Rs.5000/Year
 Burst RAM  1024 MB (US $125/Year)
 IP Address   1
 Virtualization Platform OpenVZ

   Business - Most Popular  
 Disk Space  50GB     
 Bandwidth    500 GB     
 RAM  1.0 GB Rs.9,000/Year
 Burst RAM  1.5 GB (US $225/Year)
 IP Address   1
 Virtualization Platform OpenVZ

 Disk Space  100GB     
 Bandwidth    1000 GB     
 RAM  1.5 GB Rs.17,000/Year
 Burst RAM  3 GB (US $425/Year)
 IP Address   1
 Virtualization Platform OpenVZ

 Disk Space  200GB     
 Bandwidth    1000 GB     
 RAM  3.0 GB Rs.33,000/Year
 Burst RAM  6 GB (US $825/Year)
 IP Address   1
 Virtualization Platform Open VZ

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an InlandHost Cloud Server?
InlandHost Cloud Servers are isolated server environments located on a single or a cluster of physical servers. InlandHost Cloud Server provides all the functionality of a dedicated server at a lower price.
What are the advantages of a InlandHost Cloud Servers?
InlandHost Cloud Server provides full software control that is mostly associated with dedicated servers, at a cost comparable to shared hosting services.
What are the disadvantages of a Cloud Servers?
Cloud Servers offer a perfect solution to most web applications. Since the computational power associated with the cloud server is actually a subset of the original one, Web applications that have extremely high requirement of server side computations will ideally require a dedicated server.
Do I get root access to the cloud server?
Absolutely, You can login and root to the cloud server just like you could on a dedicated server.
What is the operating system installed on cloud server?
CentOS 5 32 bit is installed by default on the server. You can change this to CentOS/Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu 32/64 bit using server control panel.
Can I Host Multiple Websites on InlandHost Cloud Servers?
Most certainly. You can host as many virtual hosting accounts as you like.
Are the servers Managed?
The servers are Self-managed. i.e. we handle server hardware, network related issues. All other aspect of the server needs to be managed by you.
Where are the servers located?
InlandHost Cloud Server offerings are currently available at datacenter located in Scranton, Philadelphia, USA
How can i test network speed?
You could ping ip or download binary load
Do cloud servers include Control Panel?
The servers include access to server control panel that allows you to view status, os reloads, shutdown,restart your server. However no hosting controlpanel is included or pre-installed on the servers. On signup Economic and higher packages, you could request for FREE pre-installation of Kloxo Control Panel. We also offer cPanel control panel at Rs.9,000 per year and Direct Admin at Rs.6,000 per year.
Are there any restrictions on server usage?
Yes. we prohibit usage of InlandHost Cloud Servers to host, distribute or link to Warez, Torrents, Illegal content, Adult content, IRC tools and services(bots, clients, ircd and related), SPAM, Cracking Tools, DoS Tools, Forgery Tools, Infection Tools, Point-to-Point Software, Proxy software.
How long will it take to set up my InlandHost Cloud Server?
Your InlandHost Cloud Server should be provisioned within 12 hours of payment confirmation.
Can I upgrade to another plan later?
Yes. you can upgrade to higher plan at any time.
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